How To Take Great Cosplay Portraits


How To Take Great Cosplay Portraits

Taking professional quality photos at conventions can be difficult.
Most Cosplay photographer's, choose a spot at a convention and set up their strobes and soft boxes. There are several problems with this strategy.


#1 You need to contact Cosplayers before the convention to book an appointment. This means you have to have a network of Cosplayers to source from. This strategy wont help you meet new Cosplayers at the convention.

#2 You will be in the same spot all day. Cosplayers will have to come to you since you cant go to them. Cosplayers can get busy at conventions and they could easily forget about their appointment with you.

#3 You have to stay with your equipment! Photographers are always complaining about their gear being stolen at events.
You could seek out Cosplayers and ask them to let you photograph them at your location. If you are lucky enough to find Cosplayers who aren't too busy, you wont be able to photograph them when you find out your equipment has been stolen.

On Camera Flash

One solution to this problem is to use on camera flash.Having a camera with a speed light on it will allow you to move around and meet new clients. Ninety percent of cosplayers who are stopped at a convention will allow a photographer to take their photo.

The Truth

Were you told that on camera flash produces unflattering light?

This is only true when your using direct flash!

Off camera flash can give you more control to produce better results but on camera flash can also produce amazing results!

Don't believe us? Ask any wedding photographer if they use on camera flash at weddings and they will all say yes!

The Trick!

To achieve great Cosplay portrait's you have to bounce the flash!
Bouncing the flash can give you amazing results. There are many products you can use to bounce your flash. The ROGUERELG2 is one of our favorites. You can find it here on sale at Amazon

Below are examples of Cosplayers we have photographed at conventions with on camera flash. Most of these cosplayers were stopped while walking and asked to pose for our camera.
Under each photo you can find a list of the gear that was used to create each photo.

Are wondering why the Cosplayers don't look like they were photographed at a convention? We removed the Cosplayer from the background and added a custom background. You can read more about this.